奋战百日 圆梦青春|尊龙凯时人生就是搏都会森林学校中学部2024届百日誓师大会纪实


奋战百日 圆梦青春

又是一载春回大地 ,万象更新 ,我们期盼着今年花胜去年红 ,我们盼望着六月硕果复累累。为了实现这份期待 ,3月15日上午十点 ,尊龙凯时人生就是搏都会森林学校初中部全体师生齐聚报告厅 ,隆重举行2024届中考百日誓师大会。这次大会是圆同学们青春梦想的发动令;是扬同学们人生志气的进军号;是表达2024届全体师生必胜激情的奏鸣曲。

Another year of spring returns to the earth, and everything is renewed. We look forward to this year’s flowers surpassing last year’s red, and we look forward to June’s fruitful harvest. In order to fulfill this expectation, at 10 a.m. on March 15th, all teachers and students of the Junior High School Department of Cstar City Forest School gathered in the lecture hall to hold the 2024 Centennial Oath Ceremony for the High School Entrance Examination. This conference is a mobilization order to fulfill the youth dreams of students, a marching call to promote their life aspirations, and a sonata to express the heroic spirit of all teachers and students in the 2024 cohort.

鼓声铿锵 ,激情飞扬。

青春有梦 ,何惧远方 ?

披荆斩棘 ,誓登金榜。

奋战百日 ,满载荣光!


The drums are resounding and passionate.

Youth has dreams, why fear the distance?

Brave the thorns and cut through the thorns, vowing to ascend to the golden list.

Fight for a hundred days, full of glory!

The drumming performance of Mo Xiangyu from Class 91 kicked off the oath taking ceremony.


陪同着雄壮的国歌 ,全体师生肃立 ,举行庄严的升旗仪式。

Accompanied by the magnificent national anthem, all teachers and students stood in awe and held a solemn flag raising ceremony.




第一句话:要有舍我其谁、有我必成的强大信念。守得云开终见月 ,静待花发定有时。在接下来的一百天里 ,齐心协力 ,勇往直前 ,以梦想为舟 ,以勤奋为楫 ,乘风破浪 ,决不辜负这段璀璨如星的青春时光。

The first sentence: We must have a strong belief in who we are and that we will succeed. Watching the clouds bloom, I see the moon at the end, waiting for the flowers to bloom. In the next hundred days, work together and move forward bravely, with dreams as the boat and diligence as the boat, riding the wind and waves, and never let down this brilliant and starry youth.

第二句话:要有心无旁骛、一往无前的执着定力。追风赶月莫停留 ,平芜尽处是春山。她勉励同学们 ,坚持100天 ,可以告竣一个目标;坚持100天 ,可以实现一个理想 ,100天的刻苦水平很可能将决定未来的人生高度!

The second sentence: Be persistent and determined, with no distractions or obstacles. Chasing the wind and chasing the moon, don’t stop. The peaceful land is filled with spring mountains. She encouraged her classmates to persist for 100 days and achieve a goal; Persisting for 100 days can achieve an ideal, and the level of hard work for 100 days may determine the height of future life!

第三句话:要有乐观向上、平稳平常的良美意态。有约不来留宿半 ,闲敲棋子落灯花。到了这个时候 ,所有的中考知识点肯建都学习了不止一遍 ,这个阶段 ,在抢抓智力提升、知识补漏、总结反思的同时 ,更要注重非智力能力的培养 ,自觉树立乐观向上、平稳平常的良美意态 ,越到要害阶段越是不可慌 ,越要坚持一颗平常心:该吃吃、该睡睡、该学学 ,该松开的时候 ,也要适当松开。独学而无友 ,则孤陋而寡闻。

The third sentence: You should have an optimistic, positive, stable, and normal mindset. I have an appointment to spend the night casually playing chess and lighting up lanterns. At this stage, all the knowledge points of the middle school entrance examination must have been studied more than once. While striving to improve intelligence, fill in knowledge gaps, and summarize and reflect, it is also important to pay more attention to the cultivation of non intellectual abilities, consciously establish an optimistic, positive, and stable good mentality. The more critical the stage is, the more one cannot panic, and the more one must maintain a calm heart: when it is time to eat, sleep, learn, and when it is time to relax, it is also necessary to relax appropriately. Learning alone without friends is solitary and ignorant.

最后 ,姚校长鼓舞同学们在最后的100天里 ,多与同学分享学习心得、解题技巧 ,让思维与思维碰撞 ,让智慧与智慧融合;用拼搏创立奇迹 ,用努力成绩未来!

Finally, Principal Yao encouraged his classmates to share their learning experiences and problem-solving skills with them in the last 100 days, allowing for the collision of thinking and wisdom, and the fusion of wisdom and wisdom; Create miracles through hard work, and achieve the future through hard work!


孙小鑫老师给同学们分享了2022届优秀结业生董冠伯以及2023届优秀结业生王宇赫、甘新正的学习经验。她给同学们提了两点建议:第一要制定详细且高效的温习战略。在大考前更要回归课本 ,落实基础。第二要敢于树立高远的目标 ,只有敢想 ,才有实现的可能。董冠伯同学八年级入校时在年级排200名左右 ,但他目标明确且勤奋刻苦 ,最终裸分被清华附中录取。

少年有梦不应止于心动更要付诸行动!以平和的心态 ,刻苦专一的斗志去追梦 ,梦想便会照进现实。

Teacher Sun Xiaoxin shared with his classmates the learning experiences of Dong Guanbo, the outstanding graduate of 2022, and Wang Yuhe and Gan Xinzheng, the outstanding graduates of 2023. She gave her classmates two suggestions: first, develop detailed and efficient review strategies. Before the big exam, it is even more important to return to the textbook and implement the foundation. The second is to dare to set lofty goals. Only by daring to think can we have the possibility of achieving them. Dong Guanbo was ranked around 200 in the eighth grade when he entered the school, but his goals were clear and he was diligent and hardworking. In the end, he was admitted to Tsinghua Affiliated High School with a bare score.

Teenagers should not just dream, but also take action! With a calm mindset and a dedicated fighting spirit, pursue your dreams and they will shine into reality.


游天乐同学作为优秀学生代表谈话 ,他在鼓舞同学们刻苦奋进的同时 ,还不忘对辛勤耕作的老师体现谢谢。古诗文的灵活运用使他的谈话犹如涓涓细流 ,滋润了各人的心田。

As an outstanding student representative, You Tianle delivered a speech. While encouraging his classmates to work hard, he also expressed gratitude to the hardworking teachers. The flexible use of ancient poetry and prose made his speech like a trickle, nourishing everyone’s hearts.


九一班张宇航的妈妈作为家长代表谈话。她站在家长的立场上 ,首先勉励即将面临中考的九年级学子们 ,要有大鹏扶摇直上九万里的高远志向 ,并且大胆谆峒志不渝。其次 ,她对老师们的呵护陪伴深表谢谢。朴实的话语中饱含殷切的希望。

Zhang Yuhang’s mother from Class 91 spoke as a parent representative. From the perspective of parents, she first encourages ninth grade students who are about to face the high school entrance examination to have the lofty ambition of soaring up to 90000 miles, and to boldly pursue their dreams with unwavering determination. Secondly, she is deeply grateful for the care and companionship of the teachers. Simple words are full of earnest hope.


在学生的生长门路上 ,怙恃无疑是最关爱他们的人。感受着怙恃那真挚的祝福 ,看着他们关切的眼神 ,不少同学们的眼中都泛起了泪光。

On the path of student growth, parents are undoubtedly the ones who care for them the most. Feeling the sincere blessings from their parents and looking at their caring eyes, many students shed tears in their eyes.


九年级学子的中考之路 ,不但有家长的保驾护航 ,更有老师的辛勤引路。九年级全体教师上台 ,高声喊出我们的誓言!

The journey of ninth grade students in the middle school entrance examination is not only escorted by parents, but also guided by the hard work of teachers. All ninth grade teachers come on stage and shout out our oath loudly!


有了家长和老师的鼓舞 ,九年级学子信心满满 ,为了体现自己的决心 ,他们高声喊出了自己的誓言!

Encouraged by parents and teachers, ninth grade students are full of confidence. In order to show their determination, they loudly shout out their vows!


九载寒苦今朝抬头 ,百日拼搏六月当狂!

一百天 ,是冲刺的一百天!

努力吧 ,同学们!

让我们一起扬起理想的帆船 ,

尽情放飞青春的翅膀 ,


Nine years of hardship and hardship hold your head high today, and a hundred days of hard work and hard work make you crazy in June!

A hundred days is a hundred days of sprinting!

Work hard, classmates!

Let’s raise our ideal sails together,

unleash the wings of youth to the fullest,

and welcome the sunrise of tomorrow!





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